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Prepare for action packed excitement

Ordinary dogs have been equipped with rockets to take to the air!

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Travel the world

Take to the sky and collect as much food as you can. Try beating your personal distance record

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Avoid obstacles and enemies

Be sure to watch out for floating islands, trees, cats, and birds. Watch out for special characters on each level as well.

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Arm yourself with attacks

Each dog has a unique attack. Some are more powerful than others, be sure to check all of them out.

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Power Ups and Ammo Reload

Look out for power ups to become invincible, protect you, or strap you into your own fighter plane

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Complete missions to earn badges

Whether you travel a certain distance, collect a certain amount of food, or defeat enemies, look out for level missions to complete.

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Meet the Woof Riders


The original Woof Rider. He might not have the most unique attack, but he sure is cute. Special Attack Power: Fireball


One of the coolest dogs around. With moves like his, you'll be dodging enemy attacks with ease. Special Attack Move: Multiple Fireballs


This is one tough dog. Who else would be bold enough to fly around on a propeller. Special Attack Move: Rocket Launcher


This dog is out of this world! There's no need for a rocket when you can leviate. Special Attack Move: Wormhole

Power Ups

Super Woof Rider

This power up makes become an unstoppable wrecking machine. Be sure to look for the Rocket Power Boost along your travels

Pup Plane

Save on rocket fuel and gear up in your own pup plane. Shoot projectiles at enemies and shoot special missles to make way

Bubble Protection

Witches aren't the only ones who can fly around in a bubble. This comes in handy if you get hit by an enemy or obstacle.

Ultra Dog

From a toxic waste accident, an ordinary house dog has become the ultimate destruction machine. Nothing stands a chance in her path. Get out of the way!

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IOS Devices

Now available on your IPhone, IPAD, and other IOS devices

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