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How fast can you match?

It's a simple card matching game. Over 300 levels where each level gets progressively harder. Can you keep up with computer?

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Match against the computer

With your cards, match as many center cards as you can based on the mission level. Unlock more card slots to match up your own cards.

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Special Levels

For certain levels, you must score a certain amount of points before time runs out.

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Find the Chips

Collect all the chips in your deck before you run out of turns. Matching your own cards will help win these levels

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Special Attacks

Unlock special attacks to freeze your opponent, confuse them, clear their deck, and take their points.

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Watch out for opponent attacks

The same attacks you can use on them, they can use on you. Watch out as the computer can attack you as well. Make a purchase to become immune to these types of attacks.

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Types of Levels

Match by Color

This is the simplest matching level. Match your cards to the same color. One point is awarded for each match.

Match by Suit

This is the next type of level. Match diamonds with diamonds, spade with spade, clubs with clubs, and hearts with hearts. Two points is awarded for each match.

Match by Number

This is a tough matching level. You need to match your card with the exact card value. Ace matches with Ace, 2s matches with 2s, etc. Five points are awarded for each match and ten points are awarded if it is the exact card.

Match by anything

These levels let you match by color, suite, and number. Points are awarded the same way so you need to match to get the better score.

Special Attacks

Confuse Opponent

Gain an advantage on your opponent when you attack with this. All the cards are switched with a random card that will only match with the original value of the card. An 8 of clubs can turn into a 2 of hearts. You will know the computer is still confused when you see the question marks on their cards.

Drop Opponent Points

Are you tired of seeing your opponents score go up higher than yours? With this attack, you can reduce their points while being able to increase yours by opening the box of points that come down from blowing up their score.

Freeze Opponent Cards

Stop their cards by freezing them. This attack will literally freeze their cards making it impossible for them to score or attack you.

Clear Opponent Deck

Did your opponent just get a fresh reshuffle of their deck? Perfect time to use this attack. Clear their entire deck which will force them to reshuffle and wait for the cooldown which will give you time to score ahead of them.

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IOS Devices

Now available on your IPhone, IPAD, and other IOS devices

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